pH Easy Control System


This system allows for the combined analysis of the results obtained from measuring rumen pH levels and the data on feeding and milk yield, which enables these correlations to be recognized. These correlations allow for the onset of ruminal acidosis (SARA) to be prevented at an early stage. Particularly in the early lactation phase, cows are at a higher risk of contracting SARA. It is in the first 50-60 days of lactation that sudden changes made to rations, decreased feed uptake and a rapid increase in the amount of feed concentrate and/or a high percentage of rumen acidifying feed concentrate components, are among the leading causes of ruminal acidosis. Continuous pH monitoring enables errors related to feed rationing and herd management to be identified and quickly rectified.

Over several years, pH Easy Control System was used in many feed trials carried out at LFZ Raumberg-Gumpenstein research center providing new and important insights on the effect of ration composition on pH and temperature in the rumen. In the course of these scientific studies the system was continually optimized and accuracy of measurements verified. It was also possible to guarantee the targeted minimum measurement period of 50 days. Following successful use of pH Easy Control on an operational farm in Austria, the product was then put on the market. Today, the system is used for cows on dairy farms in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, England Ukraine and Romania as well as in many other countries and has just become available in the Americas.



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