Dairy Margin Tracker


Dairy Margin Tracker makes it easy to track daily income over feed cost.

Using lab results from your milk processor, Dairy Margin Tracker breaks your daily production down into gross pounds of milk, and components: butterfat and protein. This is demonstrated in the Total Production graph. With daily pen counts from your herd management software, gross milk and component yield is further broken down into per animal per day yield. The Production Per Head graph is an example of this.

Using daily feed costs from on-farm feed management software, Dairy Margin Tracker calculates a per-head per-day feed cost. This daily feed cost is then plotted against daily income. Daily income is simply the daily yield of each milk component multiplied by the published market price for the respective component, as seen in the Milk Income Over Feed Cost chart. Also note the graph plots the margin – or Income Over Feed Cost (IOFC), the feed cost subtracted from income and plotted. Feed changes are graphed alongside milk production and IOFC so they easily correspond to events on the farm. If a change is successful, you’ll know straight away.

If you have herd and TMR management software all this can be accomplished automatically. No need to have someone doing data entry.



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