MegaFerm Fiber

MegaFerm Fiber is a rumen digestibilty ehancement product that has been shown to increase milk production.This is accomplished by improving ruminal fermentation by approximately 8% as measured by monitoring gas production using a ruminal in vitro systemto measure gas production every 30 seconds. Gas production is a direct indicator of rate and extent of ruminal fermentation by ruminal microbes. Shifts in patterns of volatile fatty acid concentrations have shown additional acetate and propionate while reducing molar proporptions of butyrate. Lower concentrations of butyric acid, which could indicate a reduction in methane production and release to the environment. These shifts in ruminal volatile fatty acid patterns allow more energy absoprtion by the lactating dairy cow. Field observations has demonstrated an increase if 3 to 5 lbs of milk while increases in fat and protein components.

The economic advantage to the dairy producer is apprioximately 6:1 or greater for a return on investments by dairy producers who have used the product to date.



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