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New G5 Lace Up Close up
New G5 Lace Up Close up

The Fresh Cow technology enhances several bodily functions in cows that naturally improve health, increase conversion, and drive milk production in ways that solve health problems before any injectables are necessary. By getting dairy cows to eat more post freshening these devices expand the rumen faster, restore energy balance faster, and have been shown to increase milk production by well over 10% for the full lactation.

Our patent pending technology takes advantage of the science of Neurology to change animal behavior. By using a gentle pain-free vibration of the tail for the first 3 weeks post freshening we are sending signals to the brain that trigger increased activity. This increased activity includes trips to the feed bunk and water trough. At programmed times of the day we get the cows to eat when you want them to, in between trips to the milking parlor.
As consumption increases over time post-freshening, the rumen expands, and the body maintenance, recovery and growth requirements become met more quickly so the Negative Energy Balance evens out (roughly at 45-50 Days in Milk for Holsteins).

More specifically this behavioral change has natural beneficial Biological and Immunological effects on Rumination and Milk Production. It takes 5-10 minutes to apply post calving, is only on for 3 weeks, takes 1-2 minutes to take off and has a 305 day/full lactation affect that yields 1000s of pounds more milk per cow per lactation. After a recharge it’s ready to go again.



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