AutoRotor PerFormer CX360


GEA Farm Technologies continues to revolutionize the rotary parlor market with the new AutoRotor PerFormer CX360 stall - designed to improve operating efficiency by increasing cow flow while reducing labor.

The biggest highlight of the AutoRotor PerFormer CX360 stall is the new, heavy-duty, commercial platform. The entire undercarriage was re-designed and re-engineered to out-perform anything on the rotary stall market today.

Sleek design – recessed parlor skirting meets a slim platform for a clean, functional look. Milking units won’t hit the parlor skirting upon detach, protecting valuable milking components.

New industrial roller system - keeps the platform on-center, which reduces friction on the rollers themselves, allowing them to last longer, improving the performance of the stall.

Quiet operation – the new components of the undercarriage system run extremely quiet.

Quick installation – the unique segmented design of the platform plates allows the parlor to be installed much more quickly than traditional rotaries, with less labor.

Easy maintenance – the AutoRotor PerFormer CX360 can be maintained while running, which means less downtime for regular scheduled service or for any other necessary repairs.

Longer front splash shield – keeps equipment in the pit cleaner and drier so it has a longer life.

The AutoRotor PerFormer CX360 also continues to offer a wide variety of user options including a choice of automatic detachers, and use of the EasyStart button free attachment feature.

When it comes to milking hundreds of cows every hour, dairy producers need reliable, 24/7 performance. The AutoRotor PerFormer CX360 is designed for today’s commercial dairy operations.



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