DVM Rapid Test™ II - Multi-Test Analyzer

DVM Rapid Test II
DVM Rapid Test II

Portable analyzer capable of performing Serum / Plasma IgG and Colostrum IgG for Bovine.

  • Portable, turn-key and battery-operated hand held analyzer
  • Lightweight portable case contains all components required to perform test
  • Low cost and simple to operate
  • All tests may be performed in 10 minutes or less
  • Proven accuracy
  • Confirms the success of passive immunity transfer in calves by accurately measuring serum IgG
  • Accurately measures IgG levels in colostrum, not just total solids
  • Direct reading of results; no charts needed
  • DVM Rapid Test™ II – Sperm Concentration Analyzer also available for testing Bovine Sperm Concentration
  • Wireless data transfer unit allows transfer of test results directly to computer (sold separately)



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