Quick Tip™ Simplex

Quick Tip Simplex
Quick Tip Simplex

The Quick Tip™ Simplex easily and efficiently transfers from bottle to bottle for administering intravenous fluid when multiple bottles are used.

  • Superior modification of the standard rubber latex IV Simplex
  • Quick Tip™ Simplex is unique with a connector (coupling) which fits tightly into the inside diameter of the medicant bottle neck versus being stretched over the outside diameter of the bottle neck
  • Tapered end friction fitting securely connects to any fluid filled serum bottle neck after the stopper and seal are removed
  • Rapid transfer between medicant bottles as Quick Tip™ Simplex is rigid plastic
  • Specially designed vent works as efficiently as a standard simplex vent
  • Simplex connector is tapered allowing fixation onto a range of serum bottle neck finish diameters from 28mm to 33mm
  • Specialized adaptor included for use with non-conventional serum bottles or threaded cap fluid containers
  • Replaces traditional latex IV simplexes that are one dimensional and have difficulty delivering fluids from different bottle types
  • Simple, versatile, quick and easy to use
  • Speeds up transfer from bottle to bottle
  • Reduces frustration by users
  • Adapts to any bottle size from 28mm to 33mm neck finish 
  • Designed and used by a dairy farmer.



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