Dairy Care365™ C.A.R.E. Package

5230-003-14_Dairy Care 365_COVER
5230-003-14_Dairy Care 365_COVER

The Dairy Care365™ C.A.R.E. Package is designed for dairy farmers who want to protect their animals, their farms and their reputations. It fulfills an unmet need by complementing existing programs and industry efforts. Where other programs offer animal care recommendations and benchmark where a farm is at and where it needs to be, Dairy Care365 gives dairy farmers the training and tools to get them there. And if an unanticipated issue should arise, the Dairy Care365 C.A.R.E. Package includes a free helpline that farmers can call to get on-farm assistance from a team of communications professionals.

The C.A.R.E. Package provides real-life examples, suggestions and recommendations from dairy farmers on the front lines. It covers animal care policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs); best practices on employee hiring, managing and monitoring; and proactive planning advice, media training basics, tips and guidance on how to protect your business. Tools include an instructional booklet, training videos, templates for policies and SOPs, as well as workshops to help develop a plan to protect your animals and your livelihood.

If a dairy farmer should receive questions about their operation, Merck Animal Health is there for support. A dairy farmer can call 1-844-MAH-CARE and Merck Animal Health will provide on-farm communications counsel and support at no cost.



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