MooMonitor_ 01
MooMonitor_ 01

In much the same way that Google Glass is bringing about a revolution in how humans interact with computers, the MooMonitor+ is bringing wearable technology to the farmyard and is helping to change the face of agriculture.

The next revolution in the banking industry is contact-less credit card payments Dairymaster is already using this technology in our MooMonitor+ tag. You can swipe the tag with a compatible phone making it much easier to assign a cow. The added advantage to this is ease of use and less animal handling and stress for both the dairyman and the cow.

The MooMonitor+ is the next generation of activity meters, using cloud based data storage, Near Field Communication (NFC) and a mobile app that allows two way interaction with the system e.g. cow and insemination events can be entered immediately removing the need to go back to the computer.

The MooMonitor+ monitors the cow’s neck movements for heat related activity, resting, rumination, feeding, lameness, head position and restlessness. What makes our system so much more accurate than other systems on the market is that we measure every 15 minutes giving real-time information while current systems measure on a 2 hour basis. This means that changes in behavior are more precisely monitored and illnesses are identified much sooner.

The benefit of all this technology is to give the farmer an excellent tool to help manage their herd for animal well-being, health and reproductive performance.



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