Nutrient Separation System

Car-Min-Vu Farm 0040
Car-Min-Vu Farm 0040

Recognizing that each dairy is different, McLanahan's Nutrient Separation System provides a solution that maximizes the value of nutrients and water. By separating and concentrating nutrients, this system allows application where and when they are needed. Separated clean water can be land irrigated, re-used or even discharged into a water source.

Many years of research and pilot testing form the foundation of McLanahan’s Nutrient Separation System. The system incorporates traditional wastewater treatment technologies in a unique configuration to provide flexibility and ease of operation and is designed around the concept of readily available components. An anaerobic pre-treatment process with air stripping and membrane-based technologies is also integrated into the process. The first prototype was designed and built in 2013 and is currently operating at Car-Min-Vu Farms in Webberville, Mich.

In addition to the production of clean water, the nutrients and are segregated and concentrated into the following:

  • Concentrated organic nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer (slurry or stackable form)
  • Concentrated nitrogen fertilizer (liquid)
  • Concentrated potassium fertilizer (liquid)

McLanahan’s system for separating nutrients and producing clean water is designed to be safer, simpler and smarter. The Nutrient Separation System uses proven treatment technologies to separate nutrients from the manure stream and control odor. By removing water and concentrating the nutrients, there is less water to haul to fields, greatly reducing road hauling issues and material handling costs. Lastly, the McLanahan System relies on mechanical separation technologies driven by electricity to minimize cost and operator variability.



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