For producers looking to reduce copper sulfate use in footbaths, Zoetis added HOOF-TEC™ footbath products to its Dairy Wellness portfolio.

HOOF-TEC footbath products allow producers to run more efficient footbaths by reducing copper sulfate use by up to 40%.*The HOOF-TEC footbath product line includes a variety of options for flexibility on dairy operations: -HOOF-TEC™ 1000 Footbath Concentrate -HOOF-TEC Complete®, an all-in-one footbath solution -HOOF-TEC™ Copper-Shot Topical Spray, a footbath in a bottle -HOOF-TEC™ Organic Footbath Concentrate, OMRI-certified, with the same benefits of HOOF-TEC 1000 Footbath Concentrate -HOOF-TEC™ Organic Topical Spray, OMRI-certified, with the same management options as HOOF-TEC Copper-Shot Topical Spray -HOOF-TEC™ Copper-Cutter Dry Mix and HOOF-TEC™ Copper-Free Dry Mix, powders to replace traditional copper sulfate*Based on traditional copper sulfate dosage rate of 5% of footbath volume.

Copper sulfate dosage with HOOF-TEC 1000 Footbath Concentrate is reduced to a rate of 3% of footbath volume. The change in dosage results in a 40% reduction of copper sulfate use.All trademarks are the property of Zoetis Inc., its affiliates and/or its licensors. ©2014 Zoetis Inc. All rights reserved. HFT-00024"-- Product Website: www.Hoof-Tec.com



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