Please consider visiting UdderOne.com to watch our 2 min video of explanation on the website Home page as well--UdderOne is a line of urethane & polycarbonate products which includes teat cup liners, shells, jetter cups and hoses which now allow dairy farmers to see the entire milking process. UdderOne™ is designed to replace the old (traditional) black and green opaque liners and stainless steel shells while providing long lasting durability. UdderOne™ products contains zero carbon black, zero phthalates and zero silicone.

The crystal clear elements to UdderOne™ liners allow dairymen to see a number of factors in action like never before such as: liners that become twisted, dirt leading to bacteria missed in the cleaning process, cow teat anomalies or abnormalities, and most importantly, parlor workers can now see when every quarter is milked out completely. An antimicrobial system was added to enhance the product even further to attack bacteria in the fight against mastitis. UdderOne™’s patent pending process meets or exceeds the FDA certification 21 CFR 177.2600 (E) for food contact use. UdderOne™ is currently in use on dairy's in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, California, Virginia, New Zealand, Canada, China, India and the United Kingdom. --



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