A new app from Dairymaster, the MooMonitor+, allows farmers to find cows that need attention anywhere and anytime. The App is available for both Apple and Android phones.

Coupled with Dairymaster’s MooMonitor+ collar, the App gives a very visual, easy-to-read update to detect cows in heat, ill or simply not thriving. When the system detects a sick cow, it sends an immediate notification to your cell phone. Veterinarians and AI technicians can also be given access via cell phone.

Even assigning a collar to a cow is an easy task with the App. By simply swiping the tag with a compatible phone, the cow’s identification is entered into the system and no keying is required on the farm’s computer.

Activity and rumination activity is updated every 15 minutes, so farmers have virtually real-time data on cows.   Tasks to be done can also be sent through the App, such as breeding, preg checks, body condition scoring, dry off and more.

For more information, go to: www.dairymaster.com 


Note: This story appears in the March 2017 issue of Dairy Herd Management.