An upcoming workshop will help foremen understand the role of power and authority as well as effective interpersonal negotiation skills. This workshop will be held in Spanish. It will take place on Thursday, Aug. 25, (9:30 A.M. to 4 P.M., please arrive by 9:15 A.M.).

Farm owners recently expressed the following as their top seven issues they wished farm foremen to focus on:

1.    Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

2.    Don’t say yes when you do not understand.

3.    Pass on owner concerns to the employees.

4.    Learn to delegate and do not attempt to fix all the problems yourself.

5.    Take care of equipment and tools.

6.    Do not cover up mistakes (problems with equipment or with people).

7.    Loyalty goes both ways.

The two main topics we will cover — supervisory power and negotiation skills — will help us focus on the above mentioned issues in bold.

Supervisory power. It is tough being a foreman and being in the middle between management and workers. Farm foremen will learn more about their role in a position of power, including the importance of properly transmitting the messages of management toward the workers, and vice versa. For instance, foremen sometimes blame management for decisions made rather than standing up for the farm enterprise. We will also speak about the potential for abuse of power and authority (e.g., sexual harassment) and what steps foremen can take to avoid such challenges. For more details see:

Negotiation skills. After learning how difficult it is to please both management and workers, foremen will learn specific ways of presenting their perspectives, whether speaking to management or to workers, so that the conversation can focus on the matter at hand. It is often hard for supervisors to let either workers or management that they have a different perspective, so in this session they will learn how to do this without being offensive and learning how to listen and consider the perspective of others as well as their own. For more details see:

Instructors will be Gregorio Billikopf (Negotiation Skills) and Ryan Boothe (Supervisory Power).

Who should attend? Spanish-speaking farm foremen, herd managers, crew leaders and front line supervisors. Do any of the foremen require special food (e.g., vegetarian, etc.) or other accommodations? Please be specific when you let us know.

Cost = You may pay via credit card or check sent in the mail. $36 per person includes lunch and materials ($28 per person if paid or postmarked on or before Aug. 15). 

Credit card registration: You may also register at the bottom of the page at:

 Paying through check:

Please send check made out to UC Regents:

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Source: Gregorio Billikopf, 'University of California