If you have been hearing news about the Recommendations for Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) being released, it might not be clear to you that these recommendations are not the actual DGA. The report from the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee includes recommendations for what the DGA should include, but the DGA still must be developed and released. If you would like to join in the conversation via social media, here are some talking points on behalf of the beef checkoff:

  • The good news for Americans is you can continue to enjoy the beef you love. As a rancher, I can tell you beef still belongs on my plate and you can feel confident including lean beef in your diet.
  • More Americans are discovering the benefits of including lean beef in the diet.
  • There is a large body of strong and consistent evidence that supports lean meats, including lean beef's, positive role in healthy diets.
  • We want to help Americans continue to choose lean beef more often as a part of a healthful diet. Beef is the perfect partner to fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and whole grains.
  • When it comes to meeting the protein (and meat) recommendations in the Dietary Guidelines, Americans are right on track.
  • Americans are already enjoying and building healthy diets today that include lean red meat.

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