As National Dairy Month kicks off, we took some time to look at what people have been talking about leading up to the month dedicated to milk, cheese, yogurt and the rest of dairy’s delicious offerings. Here’s what we found:

Look Who's Talking Now

While the whole country is in on the dairy conversation, California, New York, Illinois, Florida, Wisconsin and Texas are the most prolific.

Say Cheese

When looking at social media, cheese is the talk of National Dairy Month so far.

When Your State Food has a State Food

That attention to curds is largely thanks to a move by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to make cheese the state dairy product of Wisconsin.


Cheese to Your Health

The good news is, a new study says Wisconsin’s favorite dairy product is also good for you.


Fat Cheese Stacks

Cheese isn’t just a big deal in Wisconsin. In fact, one of the richest men in the cheese industry is in Denver, Colorado.


Big Yogurt Goes to China

Even China wants in on the dairy action.


... and Cats

Because why not?

  And with a whole lot of June left, there’s sure to be a lot more dairy news coming out of National Dairy Month.