In America today there are over 76 million “Millennials” (the generation born between 1980-2000’s) who are challenging those who raise, grow, and sell the food they purchase to become transparent and responsive to a social responsible food movement. With a purchasing power beginning to rise and strong engagement in social media, the Millennial generation is undoubtedly a generation that the animal agriculture industry must become engaged with.
In anticipation of the Animal Agriculture Alliance Annual Stakeholder Summit, “Cracking the Millennial Code” on May 8-9th, 2014: gain a sneak peak with this informative webinar.

By attending this webinar, you will:
•    Examine hot-button issues through the eyes of a millennial blogger;
•    Learn how to engage outside the “ag bubble” and become transparent, and;
•    Examine focused research presented by one national animal agriculture organization on Millennial buying preferences and food trends.

This webinar will give attendees an opportunity to gain new communication insight into millennials focused on agriculture hot issues (pain management, sustainability, antibiotics); and ultimately provide new ideas on how to engage millennials in this era of social responsibility.