California 2014 third quarter (Q3) statewide weighted average monthly total milk production costs were up 12¢/cwt. compared to the same quarter in 2013, according to the January 2015 California Dairy Review. Including an allowance for management and return on investment, total costs were up 23¢/cwt.

The 2.4% increase was mostly due to slightly higher labor, operational, marketing and herd replacement costs. Feed costs were down 2.6% from the year before.

Statewide average income over feed costs, at $11.64/cwt. in the third quarter of 2014, was up 70% from the $6.83/cwt. average a year earlier.

To see the full report, including cost comparisons by region, milking frequency (3X vs. 2X), organic , Holstein, Jersey and Crossbred herds, click here.

Source: Dairy Marketing Branch of the California Department of Food & Agriculture