It’s been a year of ups and downs for farmers across the Corn Belt, and now the end of the harvest season has come.

According to the USDA’s latest Crop Progress report – the last issued in 2014 – corn harvest was at 94 percent complete as on Nov. 23, compared to 94 percent last year and the five-year average of 92 percent.

Some producers in areas such as Wisconsin and Michigan are still fighting early winter weather.

“Conditions felt more like January than November this week, with temperatures running well below average, frigid wind chills, and intermittent snow showers statewide. Overnight lows dipped into the single digits across southern Wisconsin and were well below zero in northern portions of the state,” the USDA reported in the Wisconsin Crop Progress and Condition report. “Producers worked long hours in difficult conditions to harvest corn and soybeans as quickly as possible. Snow-covered fields with unfrozen ground beneath meant clogged combines and heavy rutting for farmers in the northern districts.”

Michigan and Wisconsin have reported 69 percent and 73 percent of corn harvested, respectively.

The USDA also reported 97 percent of soybeans now harvested.

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