The end of the 2014 corn and soybean harvest is quickly approaching. According to the USDA latest Crop Progress report, 89 percent of corn and 94 percent of soybeans have been harvested as of Nov. 16.

Corn harvest catches up to average

Farmers across the Corn Belt were able to push ahead last week with corn harvest progress with a pace 9 percentage points above last week’s report and 1 percentage point above the five-year average.

As reported last week, Wisconsin (64 percent) and Michigan (59 percent) have reported the lowest percentages of harvested corn. The USDA explained in a report here, in Michigan, “some producers wrapped up corn harvest because of high moisture content and hunting season while others are waiting for grounds that can support equipment to complete harvest.”

In Wisconsin, temperatures plummeted and some areas saw as much as 24 inches of snow.

“Snow cover on unfrozen ground created treacherous or impassable field conditions in some areas. However, areas missed by heavy snow saw the ground freeze solid enough to support machinery, a welcome event where harvest has been delayed by muddy soils,” the USDA reported here. “With cold and snowy weather seemingly here to stay and grain moistures still running high, farmers were left with tough decisions to make about the remainder of this year’s crop. Harvest activates forged ahead wherever standing crops were accessible. “

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