Livestock prices generally moved lower in December, but remain well above those of a year ago, according to the January Agricultural Prices report from USDA. The December Prices Received Index for all agricultural production stood at 100, equaling the 2011 baseline of 100. The index was down 1 point from November.

The Livestock Production Index decreased 7 points, or 5.2 percent, from November, but was 13 percent higher than the December 2013 index.

The December beef cattle price averaged $164 per hundredweight, which was down $3.00 from the previous month but up $34.00 from that of December 2013.

Milk prices have been dropping recently, with the December all-milk price of $20.40 per hundredweight down $2.60 from November and down $1.60 from a year earlier. As a result, the Dairy Price Index for December dropped 11 percent from the previous month and 7.3 percent from a year earlier.

Hog prices also have declined, with the December average of $64.30 per hundredweight down $2.40 from November. That price is, however, $2.80 per hundredweight higher than a year earlier.

The December Feed Grain index, at 64, is up 6.7 percent from November but 14 percent below a year earlier. The corn price, at $3.78 per bushel, is up 20 cents from November but is down 63 cents from December 2013.

As for prices farmers paid for commodities, services, interest, taxes, etc., the December index stood at 111 percent, again using the 2011 baseline of 100. That figure was unchanged from November but 5 points or 4.7 percent above December 2013.

View the full Agricultural Prices report from USDA.