Holstein Association USA (HAUSA) launched a mobile app – a new way to use a mobile device to access Holstein information.

To access the mobile site, point the Internet browser on your mobile device to services.holsteinusa.com. You’ll get a menu with several options that include:

Animal Search: Animal Search displays the same information as the traditional HAUSA Animal Search, optimized for performance on mobile devices. Results display quickly and columns are easy to sort.

Popular Lists: The lists of High-Scoring Two-Year-Olds, First-Time Excellents, Holsteins scored 95 or higher in the last 12 months, and Highest Registry Activity Bulls all available.

Family Tree: Access Family Tree search results by clicking on an animal’s registration number from the Animal Search results page or Family Tree in the menu, or search for an animal by registration number or NAAB code.

Pedigree: Order pedigrees for animals from a variety of places within the mobile app, including directly from the Animal Search and Family Tree results.

Inbreeding Calculator: View mating results for up to ten different sires and pedigree inbreeding values for each mating. You can also find genomic inbreeding values, if both the female and males are genomic tested.

Bull Lists: Frequently accessed bull lists as well as the High Ranking Sire Report, Top 100 TPI Bulls, and Top 50 Sire lists for several traits can be easily accessed through the mobile site.

Visit services.holsteinusa.com.