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Select Sires Inc. will be featured in an upcoming episode of American Farmer, on RFD-TV.

Select Sires is a federation of nine farmer-owned-and-controlled cooperatives. In this episode, American Farmer will go behind-the-scenes at Select Sires to educate audiences about CowManager®, a continuous three-in-one heat, health and rumination herd monitoring system.

“Select Sires is intensely focused on making our customer-owners more productive and profitable to feed a growing world population,” says Lyle Kruse, Select Sires vice president of U.S. market development. “We are very excited about how the CowManager system can help dairy producers better manage cow health and reproduction and are proud to provide this innovative product. The upcoming feature on American Farmer will help educate dairy producers and consumers on how Select Sires and CowManager can revolutionize individual cow management.”

With CowManager, all measurements are taken by a computer microchip that is combined with the cow's ear tag making it different from any other system on the market. The system includes three modules that measure health, fertility and feeding by constantly monitoring temperature, activity, rumination and eating time.

“Select Sires works hard to enhance productivity and profitability,” said Kelly Fussell, producer for the series. “We look forward to educating the public on Select Sires’ commitment to the industry.”


About Select Sires Inc.

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is North America's largest A.I. organization, comprised of nine farmer-owned and controlled cooperatives. It provides dairy and beef semen, service and programs. For more information, visit:


About American Farmer

American Farmer airs Tuesdays at 8:30 a.m. ET on RFD-TV, covering the people, places and issues impacting all areas of farm country. The program showcases the latest advancements in agriculture and farming. Check your local listing for show times.

For more information visit: You can also contact Kelly Fussell at (866) 496-4065 x 850 or via email at: