USDA released monthly fluid milk sales summaries for January, with declines even showing up in organic categories compared to the same month a year earlier.

January 2015 packaged fluid milk sales totaled 4.41 billion lbs., down 3.1% from January 2014. Monthly sales of conventional products, at 4.21 billion lbs., were down 3.0%; organic products, at 205 million lbs., were down 5.3% Organic represented about 4.6% of total sales for the month.

On a percentage basis, sharpest declines among conventional fluid products were in low-fat and reduced-fat categories. For organic fluid products, biggest declines were in fat-free and flavored fat-reduced products.

The estimates represent fluid milk product sales in federal and California milk marketing orders, which account for approximately 92% of total U.S. fluid milk sales.