Weekly fuel prices decline

Average retail prices were again lower for the week ending Jan. 5 (see table), according to the Energy Information Administration.


Ethanol production lower

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) released ethanol production data for the week ending Jan. 2:

Ethanol production: 39.9 million gallons/day, the lowest average in eight weeks. The four-week average for ethanol production calculates to an annualized rate of 14.96 billion gallons.

Corn used: 14.39 million bushels/day

DIstillers grains production: 94,421 metric tons/day


Regional DDGs prices

Regional distillers dried grain prices for Jan. 7, from the USDA Market News/National Feedstuffs Market Review. Prices are $/ton, and reflect changes from previous week.

Eastern Corn Belt: steady to 5 lower from 165-205

Chicago area: steady from 175-185

Lawrenceburg, IN: not available

Nebraska: steady to 10 lower from 168-190

Minnesota: 5 to 10 lower from 155-170

Kansas: 35 higher from 175-200

Iowa: steady to 5 higher from 150-185

Northern Missouri: steady to 10 higher from 180-195

South Dakota: mixed 15 lower to 3 higher from 153-165

St. Louis: steady to 5 higher from 170-200

Wisconsin: steady from 160-1850

California (rail delivered): steady to 10 higher from 230-240