November U.S. female dairy cattle exports rebound

Russia got back in the market, helping boost monthly U.S. female dairy cattle exports to the second-highest level in six months. November’s exports totaled 2,388 head, after moving just 1,591 head abroad in September-October combined, according to USDA’s Foreign Ag Service.

November exports were valued at $7.4 million.

The 2014 year-to-date total stands at 31,300 head, down nearly 30,000 from same period a year ago, and the lowest 11-month total since 2009.

After a two-month absence, Russia imported 1,300 female dairy replacement cattle from the U.S. in November, the leading foreign market for the month. It was followed by Mexico (818 head) and Canada (143 head).

Year-to-date, Mexico is the leading market, with 12,366 head, followed by Russia, with 9,809 head.


Mammoth Cave Dairy Auction

Dairy replacement sale results from Smiths Grove, Ky., on Jan. 6.

989 head sold.

(Holsteins, price per head, unless otherwise noted)


Springers: 2-3 years old, 5-8 months bred

Supreme: 1800-2375

Approved: 1550-1750

Medium: 1225-1475

Common: 925-1175


Fresh Milking Cows: 2-4 years old

Supreme: 1900-2475

Approved: 1525-1775

Medium: 1300-1475

Common: 1075-1275


Short Bred: 2-3 years old, 1-4 months bred

Supreme: Not tested

Approved: 1425-1475

Medium: 1200-1350

Common: 850


Open Heifers


200-300 lbs.: 460-535

300-400 lbs. 560-685

400-500 lbs. 785



200-300 lbs.: 350-410

300-400 lbs. 450-485

400-500 lbs. 525-625

500-600 lbs.: 660-725


Holstein Heifers Calves: Small 100-200; Medium-Large 220-330.


New Holland Sales Stables

Dairy replacement sales results from New Holland, Pa. on Dec. 31. Compared to previous sale, fresh cows and bred heifers sold significantly lower. Demand has been light in the face falling milk prices. 526 head sold. All sales on a per-head basis, Holsteins unless otherwise noted.


Fresh cows

Supreme: 2200-2600

Approved: 1750-2250

Medium: 1400-1800

Common: 1150-1400


Short-bred cows (1-3 months)

Approved: 1550-1950

Medium: 1400-1650

Common: 1200-1400


Springing heifers (7-9 months)

Supreme: 1925-2400

Approved: 1600-1900

Medium: 1200-1500

Common: 950-1200