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U.S. retail gasoline prices increase one cent

The U.S. retail gas prices saw a slight average increase of one cent this week to hit $2.25. The largest increase was in the Midwest, where retail gas prices jumped three cents to hit $2.33. The Gulf Coast saw a one-cent increase and the lowest retail gasoline prices in the country at $2.04.

West Coast prices fell the most with a seven cent drop to $2.56. The Rocky Mountain region was close behind with a six-cent decrease to $2.48. The highest retail gas prices in the country are in the West Coast region. 


Dunn: October dairy outlook

Pennsylvania dairy farmers saw milk income over feeds costs (IOFC) improve again in September, with a milk price increase surpassing rising feed costs, according to the latest Dairy Outlook report from Jim Dunn, Penn State University dairy economist.


Dairy Margin Watch: Margins end September mixed

Dairy margins were mixed over the last two weeks of September, weakening slightly in the fourth quarter of 2015, while improving in deferred months, according to the latest CIH Margin Watch report from Commodity & Ingredient Hedging, LLC.


August milk prices mostly steady

Average all-milk prices held fairly steady in August, but remain well below a year ago. August continues a seven-month trend in which the average U.S. milk price has deviated less than 30¢/cwt., staying in a range of $16.60-$16.90/cwt.


Pacific Rim nations close in on a landmark trade deal

Pacific trade ministers are optimistic of closing a sweeping Pacific Rim trade deal after progress on Friday on hurdles involving autos, dairy products and intellectual property protections for expensive biologic drugs.


Natural gas prices decrease in most locations

Prices decline at most areas outside the Northeast. The Henry Hub spot price fell 12¢ from $2.59/MMBtu last Wednesday to $2.47/MMBtu yesterday. Similarly, at the Chicago Citygate, spot prices fell from $2.65/MMBtu last Wednesday to $2.56/MMBtu yesterday. Prices moved in similar patterns at most market locations other than the Northeast.


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