Sports recovery drinks just do not meet the balance of nutrients and hydration found in milk. According to an Australian study published in the journal of Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, just about everything beats Powerade when it comes to helping the body retain fluids.

Researchers provided a recovery drink on 4 separate occasions to 15 males after cycling to lose 2% of their body weight. Participants then drank milk, a soy beverage, a milk-based liquid meal supplement, or Powerade.

The participants had an hour to drink 150% of the weight they lost during cycling. After drinking the beverages, Powerade drinkers retained the least body mass, followed by milk, soy beverage, and the milk-based supplement.

While the athletes self-reported being fuller and subjectively more bloated in drinking milk, reports that the study’s subjects thought Powerade did taste the best. The soy beverage got the worst taste ranking.