Zach Myers, chair of the National Dairy Board, was shot in the head by what his mom described as a "crazed neighbor" on June 22. Myers is expected to make a full recovery.
Zach Myers, chair of the National Dairy Board, was shot in the head by what his mom described as a "crazed neighbor" on June 22. Myers is expected to make a full recovery.

Zach's brother, Chad, shared this with his local church on Thursday at around noon:

Dear friends and family,

Zach is still in the intensive care unit, and is not doing as well as he has been. He had a very long and difficult night with the medications doing very little to placate his headaches and pain. His jaw is causing him terrible discomfort as well. Related to this, he has been in the same position now for days and is miserable from it.

They are studying changing his medications again. Sybil is doing what she can to keep his spirits up, but she can tell he's frustrated.

This morning they put a central line in to get a saline solution in to combat the swelling around his cerebellum, which has some damage. This is the medical staff's primary concern with Zach because an increase in swelling could cause damage to his brain.

They did a hearing test this morning. Zach's hearing in his left ear (the side he was shot) has some hope of getting better (he hasn't been able to hear anything in that ear) because the ear bones on that side have some function. His right ear is not likely to improve beyond where it is now, so he will have permanent hearing loss in both ears.

It's been a stressful night and morning for Zach, but it seems he's resting now.

Visitation is strictly limited to immediate family, and Sybil is in the room with Zach. Therefore, please don't try to visit them at the hospital right now.

Zach, Sybil and family thank you all for prayers and well wishes. You, your concern, and kind words are very much appreciated. Please know this and that with all that is going on right now they are unable to respond to your individual messages.

Finally, we are happy to report that we were told that the officer who was shot was released from the hospital on Tuesday and is with his family.

Original story follows:

A North Carolina dairyman was injured during a string of crime early Monday morning in Wilkes County, N.C. ABC11 reports that 60-year-old James Monroe Barrett fired at deputies at 5:30 a.m. after a domestic dispute and is suspected of setting fire to his house and fleeing into a nearby wooded area. 

Barrett shot a Wilkes County deputy, a neighbor, and also local dairy farmer Zach Myers, who appears to have been driving in the area at the time, though details are not clear. The suspect was later killed in a standoff with police. All three injured parties are expected to survive.

Zach Myers is Chair of the National Dairy Board. His mother, Barbara Myers, reported on Facebook that Zach was shot at 6 a.m. and was out of surgery at 5 p.m. with an extensive wound but it was not life threatening.

Myers Dairy, Inc., is a 900-cow facility in Jonesville, N.C. Myers graduated from North Carolina State University and received his master’s degree from Michigan State University. He was elected vice chair in 2013 and elected chair of the 38-member board last November.