“Get real about milk” is the tagline for a website and campaign being launched today, organized by MilkPEP, which aims to set the record straight about the science behind milk.

The one-day event, sponsored by the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP), in collaboration with the National Dairy Council and Dairy Management, Inc. (DMI), will try to turn the tables on milk being under attack with negative headlines and confusing claims from milk alternatives. The event will also be announced at Dairy Forum in Boca, Raton, Fla., centering around the hashtag #MilkTruth.

Negative headlines travel fast, explained a webinar to industry stakeholders. Within 24 hours of a study cautiously linking milk to earlier deaths in the British Medical Journal, MilkPEP watched the story with a misleading headline get picked up by U.S. news sites and then to social media where consumers continue spreading the message. The barrage of negative news has lowered consumer confidence in milk, and the battle continues as the studies, misleading headlines, and competition in the sector does not wane.

But with decades of research, thousands of advocates, and a good product, DMI and MilkPEP thinks it’s a war they can win in the long-term.

‘Fighting the battle we are losing’

The dairy industry supports nearly 1 million jobs, and due to that the groups are organizing a fact-based campaign to take back the conversation. The “get real about campaign” would be the first social media effort combining farmers, processors, dairy council staff, and their stakeholders in one voice about milk.

Utilizing five truths, the campaign will direct people to MIlkTruth.com, and will be bolstered with support from key media outlets (read: “Milk industry fighting back against 'naysayers, these anti-dairy folks”) and paid syndication. The organizations will also have farmers, veterinarians, scientists, and nutritionists in an effort to answer questions and engage with participants.

Industry stakeholders learned about the campaign through messages from the national dairy checkoff groups. By early Tuesday morning, it was clear the vegan Twitter community had already spread word about the campaign.

 The five facts the campaign is asking everyone to share include:

·         Milk is a nutrient powerhouse - and it's not just for kids.

·         Milk is a real, wholesome and local product from family farms across the nation.

·         Milk contains a lot that's good, without the "bad" that some people think (like excess calories and fat)

·         Milk is simple - especially compared to non-dairy alternatives that can have more than 10 ingredients.

·         Milk provides high-quality protein (almond and other non-dairy alternatives may have just 1 gram of protein).

In addition to the bullet points on social media, credible articles, published research, and authoritative reports will be shared to help those curious to learn more about milk.