A new handheld device, that easily fits in the palm of your hand, quickly and accurately determines forage moisture and allows farmers to make real-time ration adjustments. That, in turn, allows cows to receive the most consistent diets possible.

The new product, Reveal, is a collaboration between Cargill Animal Nutrition and Consumer Physics. “We believe that Reveal analysis will allow producers to manage forage dry matter fluctuations as they happen, and adjust their feeding programs to maximize production and income over feed costs,” says Mike Messman, strategic technology lead for Cargill’s U.S. dairy business.

University of Wisconsin research shows dry matter can change 3 to 8 percentage points within lots of both corn silage and haylage, and can vary 6 to 10 percent between lots of silage types. Having accurate, real-time moisture allows farmers to more accurately balance rations to ensure cows are getting the nutrients they need to support optimal milk production.

The cost of the Reveal device is less than that of a Smartphone, and for many dairy operations, that will equate to less than a penny per cow per day.

“We see dry matter as only the beginning of what Reveal will offer to customers,” adds Messman.  “Our research team is actively looking into other on-farm forage testing and we’re excited about the future potential.”

For more information, contact a Cargill Dairy Focus Consultant, or visit www.cargill.com/reveal, for information on pricing and availability. Order placed before August 15 will receive the first 30 days of service complimentary, while supplies last.