Are you scratching your head to figure out how bad life could be in a worst-case milk margin scenario under MPP-Dairy? Have no fear — there’s an app for that.

After consulting with large herds looking to ensure they had enough equity to cover their own worst-case scenario, Dr. Marin Bozic, assistant professor of dairy foods marketing economics at the University of Minnesota, decided to make a spreadsheet to help, called the MPP-Dairy Max Loss Calculator.

The tool is a bit more complicated than other MPP tools developed by the Dairy Markets and Policy team of economists, but will get you a penny-specific answer of your maximum loss per hundredweight if you provide 6 numbers:

  • Non-feed operating costs
  • Expected basis over MPP (in a bad year)
  • 2015 milk production growth over production history
  • Coverage percentage
  • MPP Coverage level
  • MPP premium amount (provided)

The tool is in it’s beta version right now, so if any bugs are found please contact Dr. Bozic. Click here to download:

Example scenario:

Non-Feed Operating Costs


Expected Basis over MPP in a Bad Year


2015 Milk Production Growth over PH


Coverage Percentage


Percent of 2015 Milk Covered under MPP


Needed MPP IOFC for No Losses


MPP Coverage Level


MPP Premiums (select applicable from table)


Maximum Losses