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Field phosphorus from dairies: Lessons from across Minn.

Quite a bit of manure/bedding pack does not get incorporated within 12 hours of application; this is due to spreading manure on frozen ground or delayed incorporation after surface applying manure anytime. This represents a substantial economic loss of manure-based nitrogen to the farmer. Also, this presents a potential environmental risk with nitrogen and phosphorus runoff. On the other hand, I understand time pressures on many livestock producers when they rationalize not to take the time to incorporate all their manure within 12 hours of application. This issue comes down to an act of balancing three important resources: time, economics, and environment.


Calves with Sam: Protocol lapses happen

It is great when protocols actually work. Calf feeding equipment gets cleaned well using the prescribed steps every time.


2015 4-State Nutrition Conference set for June 10-11 in Dubuque

Dairy nutritionists, industry professionals, veterinarians and producers will hear the latest research of issues concerning the dairy industry, including feed management and behavior at the 2015 4-State Dairy Nutrition and Management Conference, June 10 and 11.


Where do I start? Transition and estate planning

What if? Two very simple words, but when put together they lead to a series of complex questions. What if an incident happens on the dairy resulting in the death of the principal owner?


New film addresses farming, food insecurity

“The Ivy League Farmer” is a new feature film, and Iowa-based Diamond V is using the film in a non-profit initiative to help raise funds to feed hungry children in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, area.


Farm Medicine Center: Wear sunscreen

Although most farmers understand their risk and believe sun-protective behaviors reduce skin cancer risk, most do not routinely use adequate sun protection.


Two California ‘Class 4b’ formula alternatives offered

Two alternative proposals to California's Class 4b milk pricing formula have been received in preparation for a June public hearing. The proposals – one from a producer coalition and the other from a processor organization – adjust the “whey factor” in the formula, but in different ways and to different degrees.


Simple solutions for the greater good

A food bank and dairy partnered to create the Milk 2 My Plate program, which ensures a fresh supply of milk is available to the families who rely on the food pantry to make ends meet.


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