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Hay for cheese? Barter booms in cash-squeezed rural Greece

Wild boar and power cuts were Greek cotton farmer Mimis Tsakanikas' biggest worries until a bank shutdown last month left him stranded without cash to pay suppliers, and his customers without money to pay him.


Precision Dairy: Better with baleage

After a big loss of acreage forced them to get creative, Dale and Larry Deetz moved all hay production to baleage. By doing so, they built a precision feeding system that keeps Dugan Valley Dairy rations consistent, despite harvesting multi-species forages from the swamps and high hills in southwest Wisconsin.


Calves with Sam: Looking for 'normal' umbilical cord healing

Sometimes it is good to have a sense of what is considered "normal" for an event. One of these of interest to calf rearing persons in the healing rate of the umbilical cord among newborn dairy calves.


Midwest co-op meeting to discuss FMMOs

The event is intended to bring together dairy industry leaders to examine the Upper Midwest’s current system, and discuss potential changes to the rules under which processors purchase fresh milk from dairy farmers.


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