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Protein's role in the human diet

The role played by cattle producers over the last 90-plus years in contributing to the understanding of the essential role of protein in the human diet is an untold story.


DeLaval launches somatic cell counting device

DeLaval Inc. introduced the Cell Counter ICC™, an optical somatic cell counting device designed to help save time and testing costs. Used in conjunction with an iPod touch® (sold separately), the device provides results in less than a minute. The DeLaval ICC works in conjunction with an app available through Apple’s App Store. Features include the ability to store and track individual cow results, and record the specific quarter of the udder being tested. Results may be emailed directly from the iPod® and analyzed by date, test results and cow tag number.


U.S. retail gasoline prices increase one cent

The U.S. retail gas prices saw a slight average increase of one cent this week to hit $2.25. The largest increase was in the Midwest, where retail gas prices jumped three cents to hit $2.33. The Gulf Coast saw a one-cent increase and the lowest retail gasoline prices in the country at $2.04.

West Coast prices fell the most with a seven cent drop to $2.56. The Rocky Mountain region was close behind with a six-cent decrease to $2.48. The highest retail gas prices in the country are in the West Coast region. 


Dorrich Dairy building a bigger toolbox

One of four 2015 national Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability Award winners, Minnesota’s Vold family strives to expand and share their knowledge base and management toolbox. Their latest innovations include a pest management program using stingless wasps, and corn silage planted in 15-inch rows to reduce herbicide needs.


Cheese, whey volumes pull U.S. exports lower

U.S. exports of cheese and whey products were at or near multi-year lows in August, pulling overall volumes down for the fourth straight month, according to USDEC’s latest trade data report.


Don’t forget to take the (nitrogen) credit

Remember to take nitrogen credits when you use other nitrogen sources when you are planning next years nutrient needs.


New FDA Veterinary Feed Directive will affect some dairies

Ready or not, the new FDA Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) begins to go into effect on October 1, 2015, but full implementation is not complete until December 2016. Actually the VFD is not new. The original document was published in 1996. The new directive is expanded and further regulates the use of medically important antibiotics. These antibiotics are those deemed important in human health. Many common over the counter drugs used on farms fall under this category and are listed below. Antibiotics not designated as medically important do not fall under the directive. This would include antibiotics such as Bovatec and Rumensin.


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