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Immigration enforcement-only approach a threat to farming and ranching

The House Judiciary Committee is poised to pass a series of immigration bills that focus exclusively on enforcement, which would be devastating to agriculture and the rural economies it supports, the American Farm Bureau Federation warns. A Farm Bureau-commissioned study released in February 2014 showed that labor shortages resulting from enforcement-only reform would cause production to fall by $30 billion-$60 billion, while food prices would climb by 5-6 percent.


How will closing the trading pits affect market performance?

CME Group's recent announcement regarding the scheduled July 2 closing of most futures trading pits has triggered a range of reactions. News stories have covered related issues such as displaced floor traders and the effect on membership or "seat" prices, but there has been little discussion about the impact of these closings on the performance of the agricultural futures markets used by farmdoc daily readers. This article examines three questions of interest to market participants.


Gasoline prices still rising

The average price for gasoline across the U.S. is now $2.36. Prices rose 10 cents over the last week to start March with the highest prices the U.S. has seen in a month and a half.


What's In Store 2015: Dairy trends forecast

“Protein” is the new buzzword among today’s consumers, and retailers can capitalize on this trend by marketing their dairy departments as wellness destinations where shoppers can find natural foods, clean ingredient lists, and, of course, products rich in protein.


Dairy Markets: Inventory will lead the way

Class III and Cheese futures markets continued to erode some of last week’s price gains Tuesday on stability of pricing in both spot pricing and the latest GDT auction.  The spot block cheese price has maintained $1.5450 since February 20.  The GDT price index rose by 1.1% overall after gaining nearly 20% during the past two events.  Granted, the price of cheddar on the auction led the way higher gaining 10.8% to $3,377/ton or $1.5318.  But overall, it appears as though the recent boost to GDT price index has absorbed and acknowledged the dry weather concerns for the time being.  A GDT pri


Battling biofilms on dairy farms

Biofilms protect bacteria, and you're probably familiar with them as build-up on surfaces of equipment around the farm. But new research reveals some mastitis-causing bacteria use biofilms to survive inside the mammary gland.


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