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Industry reacts to FDA milk residue survey

After Dairy Herd Management learned in November from an FDA official that any residues found would be at very low levels, (READ: Get ready for the good news to be skewed on milk drug residues), we waited for the complete results.


U.S. petroleum product exports reach record high in 2014

EIA’s December Petroleum Supply Monthly data show that exports of noncrude petroleum products from the United States averaged 3.8 million barrels per day (bbl/d) in 2014, an increase of 347,000 bbl/d from 2013, and a new record high. Increased exports of motor gasoline and hydrocarbon gas liquids (HGL), including propane and butane, were the main contributors to the trend, while exports of distillate decreased.


FDA’s survey of milk finds few drug residues

The FDA today announced results from its milk sampling survey, involving the testing of nearly 2,000 dairy farms for drug residues in milk. More than 99 percent of the samples are free of drug residues of concern-- underscoring the safety of the US milk supply. Look for more analysis at later in the day.


UW-Madison helps train aspiring farmers enrolled in ‘the MBA of dairy’

Considering the average age of a Wisconsin farmer is over 56 years old and the state has been losing around 500 dairy farms per year in recent years, experts say it's important to prepare young people to step into farm roles to help keep the state's $88 billion agricultural economy strong into the future.


Celebrating Safe and Healthy Ag Workers -- National Ag Day, March 18

National Agriculture Day, March 18, spotlights American agriculture and serves as a reminder that agriculture is part of us all. The U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers join producers, agricultural associations, corporations, students and government organizations in marking this occasion.


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