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Set SMART goals for your farm for 2015

Where did 2014 go? If you're like me, it seems the days, weeks, and even years are flying by at an ever-increasing pace lately. Perhaps we are all busier in our lives – endless work to do, families to raise, and church or community commitments all seem to stake a claim to our time. As the end of 2014 draws near, it can leave us all wondering "what did I accomplish in 2014?" Hopefully you took the time in December of 2013 or January 2014 to write down some specific goals that you wanted to achieve in your farm operation this year. If so, you can look back at those goals and know exactly what you accomplished in 2014. If not, you may still be wondering. I encourage you to take some time now to become a goal setter and write down your goals for 2015.


World Dairy Expo Friends of Expo celebration honors volunteers

Four individuals were recognized for their outstanding service to World Dairy Expo. Alan Deming, Sandy Horn, Doug Williams and Token Creek Mobile Television, Inc. each received a certificate recognizing their dedication to Expo.


Considerations for out-wintering the dairy herd

We have long known that beef cows and older dairy heifers can thrive with minimal shelter during Minnesota winters. In contrast, milk cows have generally been kept indoors, in part because they were milked in tie-stall barns. More recently, curtain-sided free stall barns have become the standard housing of new construction for larger herds.


How to choose your next cover crop

Need some help making a decision on which clover you should use as a cover crop?


Dairy at the heart of the holiday season

Crisp winter days are no match for the warmth of the holiday season. It’s the time of year when families gather, kitchens bustle, and food becomes the language of love and caring around the world.


Rabobank Dairy Quarterly Q4: Dairy prices continue to fall

Prices in U.S. wholesale markets have further to fall in coming months, and the onset of price recovery may also kick in later, as the local market cycle continues to lag behind the offshore market, according to the latest Dairy Quarterly report from the Rabobank Food & Agribusiness Research (FAR) and Advisory Group.


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