Sunflower introduces 9830NT Series

 Sunflower® expanded its seeding product offering to include the new Sunflower 9830NT Series, an integrated seed hopper, single-disc air drill. It features a two-compartment 175-bushel seed tank. The AgControl system allows operators to place inputs, such as seeds or fertilizer, into the field at varying rates, per field prescription zone maps. The 9830NT Series has a 30-foot working width and an 11.5-foot transport width.


Regional Roundup: Montana milk inspection fee hikes proposed

In Montana, the Department of Livestock has proposed nearly doubling milk inspection fees, effective Jan. 1, 2016. The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets released a draft copy of the Required Agricultural Practices for a period of public comment, which will run through Dec. 18.


Dairy markets under pressure

FCStone provides a recap of Tuesday's dairy market closings, and reviews current trends and factors affecting the markets.


St-Pierre: The ugly (milk) and the good (feed)

Milk prices in the foreseeable future will be a challenge to dairy producers. Thankfully, feed prices have dropped significantly in the last year, and all indications are they will remain low.


Zoetis helps enhance reproductive efficiency with LUTALYSE HighCon Injection

Cattle producers and veterinarians now have a new management tool for added reproductive efficiency. Zoetis today announced the introduction of LUTALYSE®HighCon Injection (dinoprost tromethamine injection), a high-concentration formula of the proven LUTALYSE® Injection (dinoprost injection) approved for use in dairy and beef cattle.

The higher-concentration formula of LUTALYSE HighCon allows for a 2-mL dose. This provides more doses per bottle, thus fewer bottle changes, and a quicker, more-convenient administration.


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