Add ‘dairy’ to your 2016 calendar

Winter provides opportunities for off-farm learning and networking. Dairy Herd Management offers a list of some of the biggest and best dairy meetings, conferences and other events on tap for 2016.


Young Farmer: Our year in cheese

Alise Sjostrom is the President and CEO of Redhead Creamery LLC, a farmstead plant utilizing just under 10% of the milk from her family’s 180-cow farm in Stearns County, Minn.


Milk Specialties Global introduces Energy Booster K® (EB-K)

Milk Specialties Global introduced the Energy Booster line of rumen-inert dry fats, EB-K.

EB-K combines the saturated free fatty acids of Energy Booster with potassium (K) carbonate. The hygroscopic (attracts water) potassium is coated with the water repellency of Energy Booster, creating a superior-handling product. EB-K is ideal for fresh cows and seasonal heat stress when feed intakes are low and the demand for energy and potassium is high.


Ralco launches Strong Animals™ dairy product line

Ralco launched its Strong Animals™ brand of animal health products for the dairy industry. The product line – Start Strong™, Fight Strong™ and Stay Strong™ – is described as an innovative yet simple nutritional approach to ease modern production stress and enhance herd health during all phases of production.

• Start Strong™ products deliver foundational immune support during key stages of life.

• Fight Strong™ products provide critical support to help overcome specific challenges.


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