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Herd-level ketosis monitoring available from AgSource

Today we have low-cost ways to monitor whether cows have ketosis, including cow-side blood tests that cost from $0.24 to $2.00 per test. In an ideal world, producers would have time and money to test every fresh cow for ketosis twice between 5 and 20 days in milk, and some are. At $4/cow/year, that adds up to $6,000 including heifers in a herd of 1,000 cows, which is a small price to pay compared to an estimated cost of $289/cow/case of ketosis.

But sometimes it's time, not money, that's the most limiting factor on a farm.


Senate ag subcommittee assignments announced

U.S. Senate Ag Committee leaders U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), chair, and Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) Ranking Member, announced subcommittee assignments for the 114th Congress. Roberts and Stabenow serve as ex-officio members of all subcommittees.


House Ag Committee subcommittee appointees named

Leaders of the House Ag Committee’s subcommittees have been named by Majority Leader Rep. K. Michael Conway (R-Texas) and Ranking Member Rep. Collin C. Peterson (D-Minn.). Conway and Peterson will serve as ex-officio members of all subcommittees.


SCR's Heatime available in CRV's Ovalert program

SCR Engineers, Ltd, today announced that starting from February 2015, SCR Cow Intelligence solutions for Heat and Health monitoring will be available in the CRV Ovalert program. This means that farmers who use Ovalert will be from now able to opt for SCR best seller Heatime® Solutions.


USFRA Food Dialogues: Dairy Forum

The U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) hosted a “Food Dialogues: Dairy Forum” event, Jan. 28, in conjunction with the International Dairy Foods Association’s 2015 Dairy Forum. The focus is of the program was “Animal Care and Consumers’ Emerging Expectations”, featuring panelists representing all segments of the dairy product supply chain.


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