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Cover crops' potential to reduce manure N losses

With the increase in the extent of tile drainage and row crop production in recent years, nitrate-N levels in surface water and groundwater have been persistently level or trending up in agricultural areas of Minnesota. Manure is a major source of nutrients in Minnesota’s crop production, due to the large numbers of livestock in the state.


Your farm is ready for spring cleaning

With the arrival of spring, most homeowners start thinking about ‘spring cleaning’. It’s a good idea for farmers, too. Spring in the mind of the dairy farmer means warm temperatures, sun, and fields that need to be planted. This is the time when all dairy farmers need to have a plan and be mindful of their surroundings. The mad rush to get the tractors started and into high gear can leave even the best farm in a vulnerable position if they are not correctly prepared.


Don't be cheap with your calves!

What does it cost to raise a calf to weaning? In 2012 the total rearing costs during the first 8 weeks of life averaged nearly $6.50/day. Of this amount, nearly $3.75 could be attributed to feed cost.


Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day, especially to our farming and rural communities who give their time as a greater percentage to the U.S. armed forces. Thank you to those who have served, and especially those families who mourn a service member lost during service.


Field phosphorus from dairies: Lessons from across Minn.

Quite a bit of manure/bedding pack does not get incorporated within 12 hours of application; this is due to spreading manure on frozen ground or delayed incorporation after surface applying manure anytime. This represents a substantial economic loss of manure-based nitrogen to the farmer. Also, this presents a potential environmental risk with nitrogen and phosphorus runoff. On the other hand, I understand time pressures on many livestock producers when they rationalize not to take the time to incorporate all their manure within 12 hours of application. This issue comes down to an act of balancing three important resources: time, economics, and environment.


Calves with Sam: Protocol lapses happen

It is great when protocols actually work. Calf feeding equipment gets cleaned well using the prescribed steps every time.


2015 4-State Nutrition Conference set for June 10-11 in Dubuque

Dairy nutritionists, industry professionals, veterinarians and producers will hear the latest research of issues concerning the dairy industry, including feed management and behavior at the 2015 4-State Dairy Nutrition and Management Conference, June 10 and 11.


Where do I start? Transition and estate planning

What if? Two very simple words, but when put together they lead to a series of complex questions. What if an incident happens on the dairy resulting in the death of the principal owner?


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