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Preventing Salmonella in dairy cattle

Salmonella can cause diarrhea in dairy cows and calves. In calves it most often affects animals under 30 days of age, except for Salmonella Dublin which can cause diarrhea, fever, respiratory signs and generalized infection in calves up to 6 months of age.


Genome Alberta, Ontario Genomics Institute team for better feed efficiency

A $10.3 million private-public grant was awarded to a team led by Dr. Filippo Miglior, University of Guelph, and Dr. Paul Stothard, Livestock Gentec at the University of Alberta, who will use the latest genomic approaches and the Growsafe phenotyping platform to collect and assess the required data to carry out the selection at a lower cost.


Dairy Challenge® elects new leadership

North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge® (NAIDC) recently elected new leadership, including four new board members.


CWT assists with 3.2 million lbs. of cheese, WMP export sales

Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) accepted nine requests for export assistance to sell 456,357 lbs. of cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese and 2.756 million lbs. of whole milk powder (WMP) to customers in Asia, Central and South America.


Brenneman: Agvocates, it's time to visit the city

While we as farmers begin to seep out through the cracks and pulse more truthful information and real stories of the farm, I think it is extremely important that we keep these different perspectives in mind. I believe it is essential that if we are going to show people what we do every day, we also need to walk a mile in “city slicker” shoes. Agvocates absolutely need to visit a large city where grass is non-existent and owning a car is almost unheard of.


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