Offense vs. Defense in the crop field

If you’re convinced that you don’t need a trait, don’t spend the extra money on it, because if the threat isn’t present you shouldn’t expect any yield increase.


Change Happens—Be Ready

Are you up for a challenge? It’s clear that as we roll further into 2016, there will be no shortages of opportunities, shall we say, to fine tune your business acumen.


Miner Farm Report: Is a fresh group needed?

The use of a fresh pen continues to grow in popularity, especially for dairies that are expanding herd size and/or building new facilities. A fresh pen allows a dairy to house fresh cows separately from other cows in the lactating herd to facilitate monitoring of health problems, minimize social stress, and provide a diet specifically formulated for fresh cows.


Solving the 2016 Forage Challenge

Forages continue to the backbone of most dairy rations. But, the 2015 growing year was not favorable with drought in the western states, wet spring and early summer phase in the Midwest and Eastern region, and a dry late summer and fall in the Midwest. Data from Dr. Mike Rankin provide useful guidelines and considerations when looking ahead to 2016.


Weather expert predicts $6 corn

Would you believe a $6 to $7 corn price prediction? Bill Kirk, a weather statistician and owner of Weather Trends 360, asserts that corn prices could hit the $6.50 to $7 range this summer. According to his weather outlook, 2016 will mean lower yields both in the U.S. and in Brazil, reversing the current supply and demand debacle.


Netflix and 'Grill' with These #MOOvies

Movies and cattle have made box office gold since the Golden Age of Hollywood when westerns lit up the silver screen. Once again bovines and films have come together, this time on Twitter with the hashtag #MOOvies.


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