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Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc. awarded $30,000 in scholarships

Thirty-four students demonstrating community involvement, academic performance and financial need each received a scholarship toward their higher education through Hilmar Cheese Company’s annual scholarship program in April.


Top 10 tips to assess dairy cow behavior

"Cow comfort” and “animal welfare” are two phrases receiving an increased amount of attention from dairy producers across the nation.


Ag students landing jobs just 6 months after graduation

Ninety-two percent of recent graduates of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University report either having a job or being enrolled in an advanced degree program within six months of graduation.


Miner Institute: Agvocate to the moveable middle

Farmers have a lot on their minds these days. There’s extreme flooding in some areas, drought in others, and milk prices are dropping with no end in sight. All the while, the consumer’s perception of agriculture is influencing farmers’ daily lives. Because farmers have a lot on their minds it’s more important than ever to agvocate through meaningful conversations.


Miner Institute: Getting research on the right track

Recently the National Research Council (NRC) published an important report entitled “Critical Role of Animal Science Research in Food Security and Sustainability.” The NRC is our nation’s pre-eminent research body and has a long history of publishing insightful reports on science and society. Some have been highly influential while others have languished with seemingly little impact. This latest report lays out a compelling vision for the needed research in animal agriculture to sustain future U.S. and global food production systems.


Calves with Sam: An unexpected guest - Giardia

Several farms in our vet practice area have experienced unusually heavy periods of rainfall in the past month - repeatedly. This precipitation resulted in runoff and flooding in places on the farm that are normally "high and dry."


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