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Where are gasoline prices headed?

Crude oil prices have once again been making headlines, dipping into the upper $30s and lower $40s per barrel. In an article last week (farmdoc daily, August 19, 2015), it was shown that real (inflation-adjusted) prices of crude of oil and gasoline have fallen back to levels prevailing more than a decade ago.


U.S. dairy export forecast reduced

The value of fiscal year 2015 dairy exports is now expected to hit $5.8 billion, down $400 million from the May 2015 forecast, and down about $1.6 billion (22%) from the record-high FY ’14 total of $7.4 billion. If realized, it would be the lowest FY total since 2012.


MPP-Dairy: It's insurance

Rob Vandenheuvel, General Manager, Milk Producers Council of California, discussed the upcoming MPP-Dairy enrollment deadline in MPC’s latest weekly newsletter.


U.S. gasoline and diesel fuel prices decrease

The U.S. average retail price for regular gasoline decreased eight cents from the previous week to $2.64 per gallon on August 24, 2015, down 82 cents from the same time last year.


Alfalfa seeding year management in Minnesota

With today's modern varieties that are capable of yielding 6 to 7 tons per acre and alfalfa hay prices ranging from 195 to 295 dollars per ton (Dan Martens, Sauk Centre Hay Auction, 2015), there is an incentive to develop management practices that not only improve seeding year management, but also optimize the total revenue stream.


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