Fatty Acid Forum: Immune system series continues; new series begins

In a fourth episode of the immune system series, Dr. Barry Bradford from Kansas State University looks into how nutrient metabolism influences the immune system in a dairy cow. Are cows that have an infection, such as metritis, more likely to also encounter metabolic issues, such as ketosis? Watch Dr. Bradford's discussion on how supporting the metabolic health of the animal through not only the diet, but outside factors as well, can help improve immunity and prevent metabolic disorders.

Kicking off a new series, Dr. Tom Jenkins lays the foundation for understanding the cause of milkfat depression and managing for better outcomes. View What is the Cause of Milk Fat Depression in Layman’s Terms?

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Feed industry HACCP courses announced

The American Feed Industry Association in partnership with the IGP Institute of the Department of Grain Science and Industry at Kansas State University will jointly host "Establishing a HACCP Program for the Feed Industry" on June 8-11, and Aug. 31-Sept. 3, in Manhattan, Kan. The short course will concentrate on the development of a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points plan for all industry sectors.

For the June brochure, click here.

For the August brochure, click here.


January/February Dairy Partner/ El Compañero Newsletter available

The January/February Dairy Partner El Compañero Newsletter is now available online. Topics include responding to manure spills and proper treatment procedures.

The Dairy Partner/El Compañero is a UW-Extension newsletter designed for dairy farm employees.  Written in both English and Spanish, the newsletter provides basic information about dairy cows, farm safety, and personal health to individuals who work on farms.  Past articles are available on the web via topic category (calf care, herd health, milk quality, reproduction, feed & nutrition and safety).  For more information regarding the Dairy Partner/El Compañero, contact UW-Extension Jackson County Agriculture Agent Trisha Wagner.

This newsletter is written and produced by UW-Extension Dairy Team, with financial support from Animart and Zoetis.


TransitionCow.net: Choline and Methionine

In a video of his presentation during a mini-symposium at the Cornell Nutrition Conference, Dr. Tom Overton provides viewers with an in-depth look at the research conducted with choline and methionine in transition cows, offering an easy to understand interpretation of the data. View What Do We Know About Feeding Choline and Methionine to Transition Cows?