Cow’s Match® ColdFront® calf milk replacer now available in protein blend

Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products introduced Cow’s Match® ColdFront® Protein Blend calf milk replacer, designed to save dairy producers’ and calf and heifer raisers’ investment cost without sacrificing calf performance.



Digi-Star introduces TST 7600 touch screen for weigh-scales

Digi-Star introduced the TST 7600, a touch screen indicator for weigh-scales that allows producers to make adjustments scale side, and records the data for use in TMR Tracker

The TST 7600 has a resistive screen, responsive to touch even when gloves are worn, along with clear graphics and intuitive buttons to make training new feeders easier. The TST 7600 works in conjunction with any of the EZ III indicators and is compatible with all of Digi-Star's wireless communication systems. It will be available from Digi-Star's extensive network of mixer manufacturers.



New cab control options from Digi-Star

Digi-Star introduced four new cab control options to enhance the feed mixing and loading process. The new options include:

CCT 400 and 500: The new CCT 400 and 500 make it easy to view and control mixer scale indicators from inside the loader by providing increased mounting opportunities in smaller cabs of skid steer and telescopic loaders. The new indicators also minimize view obstruction due to the slim, compact design.

• External Radio Modems plug-and-play: The ERM plug-and-play allows producers to add radio communication to existing indicators.

• Cab Control App: The Cab Control App is the first of a number of new applications Digi-Star will be releasing for smart phones and tablets. It is free with the purchase of the External Radio Modem ERM WiFi system.

The new cab control options from Digi-Star work with all EZIII scale indicators and will be available from Digi-Star's extensive network of mixer manufacturers.