Penn State milk production, feeding publications

Producers can now benefit from two publications that monitor milk production and feeding intake, helping to detect problems before they turn into major bottlenecks. The publications, both available in hard copies or for any mobile platform, were developed jointly by the Penn State Extension Dairy Team and the Center for Dairy Excellence. Titled “Milk Production Records for Management Control” and “Feeding Records for Management Control,” they allow production and feed intakes to be monitored daily – and easily. Information on obtaining the hard copies and how to use the mobile application can be found at The mobile application is available at


Proceedings: Dairy Day meeting at Miner Institute

Proceedings from the Miner Institute’s 2014 Dairy Day 2014 are now available. View them at:


New Midwest Cover Crops Guide available

A newly updated Midwest Cover Crops Guide can help growers learn how to improve water quality while improving soil health, increasing yields, lowering input costs and earning higher farm income.

The 161-page guide includes information on how to introduce cover crops into field crops production, common types of cover crops, climate considerations and seeding rates.

The Midwest Cover Crops Guide, second edition, is now available for $5 and can be purchased from OSU Extension county offices and through the Midwest Cover Crops Council at


Cover crop report documents benefits

A national survey of farmers has documented corn and soybean yield boosts, as well as a wide variety of other benefits, from the use of cover crops. The survey – funded by the North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program and carried out by the Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC) – also details the challenges and benefits farmers expect from cover crops, data on the costs of seed and establishment, and insight into how farmers learn to manage cover crops. The 2013-2014 SARE-CTIC Cover Crop Survey Report is available online at Visit or


Cover crops for forage and dairy production

In the Upper Plains it might not be economical, or even practical, to plant another grain crop during the growing year. However, it may be in the producer's interest to consider a cover crop to increase revenues, according to Karla Hernandez, SDSU Extension forages field specialist. Visit:


Miner Institute Vet's Corner: COWVAL and cow management

The COWVAL module in Dairy Comp 305 can help augment daily management decisions for individual cows by providing an objective calculation based on industry-level economics, herd performance and individual cow performance data. Visit: