Go Beyond Workshop: Going Above & Beyond to Bring Innovations to the Dairy Industry

As innovators in the dairy industry, Agri-Nutrition Consulting, AMTSFeed Components and Rock River Laboratory are inviting nutritionists and dairy professionals to participate in the Go Beyond Workshop on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015 at PhD R&D in Fort Atkinson, Wis.  The workshop kicks off with lunch at noon and is then followed-up with hands-on training throughout the afternoon. The day will end with a tour of the PhD R&D facility at 5:00 p.m.

The focus will be around the new CNCPS 6.5 biology and the AMTS software, presented by Dr. Tom Tytlutki, but the learning is not limited to just those topics.  Dr. Patrick French and Dr. John Goeser will be presenting on leading edge amino acid and starch digestibility topics, respectively, and how recent advances apply on today’s progressive dairy farms.  Agri-Nutrition Consulting will be leading the group through how these topics are shaping the dairy nutrition industry and impacting the advice that is taken to today’s progressive dairy farms.  Attendees will participate in presentations and discussions exploring the latest issues, developments, and technologies in the fields of amino acid nutrition and starch digestibility.

Cost is $50 per participant.

To reserve your spot at the Go Beyond Workshop, please contact Lynn Gilbert at lynn@agmodelsystems.com or Heather Hunt at hunth@agrinutrition.com.  Space is limited. Register today!

Agri-Nutrition Consulting, LLC is an animal nutrition consulting company that has grown since its inception to encompass relationships with producers throughout the United States through the efforts of independent consultants.  ANC strives to provide the best quality service to its customers through precise, customized rations and consulting, and by Going Beyond Nutrition Through Innovative Solutions.


Cornell Nutrition Conference Transition Cow Mini-Symposium presentations available

More than 200 dairy nutritionists and producers attended a transition cow mini-symposium prior to the Cornell Nutrition Conference. The presentations, sponsored by Balchem Animal Nutrition and Health, included:

Choline; A Limiting Nutrient for Transition Dairy Cows, by Dr. Ric Grummer, Ruminant Technical Director, Balchem Animal Nutrition and Health

Hepatic Methyl Metabolism: Influencing Success During the Transition to Lactation, by Dr. Heather White, Department of Dairy Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison

What Do We Know About Feeding Choline and Methionine to Transition Cows? by Dr. Thomas Overton, Dairy Management Professor and Director of PRO-DAIRY, Cornell University

Ketosis: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, by Dave Prentice, DVM, Technical Service Specialist, Balchem Animal Nutrition and Health

What Are Your Chances for Success When Feeding ReaShure® Precision Release Choline? by Grummer

• Insulin Resistance: Friend or Foe? by Grummer.

The presentations were recorded and are available at TransitionCow.net.


Wisconsin 2015 Crop Budget COP Calculator available online

The input costs for growing alfalfa, corn, soybeans and wheat in Wisconsin are predicted to be mixed in 2015. Crop prices are forecasted to be lower. Fertilizer prices are mixed. Pesticide prices are expected to be slightly higher. Fuel prices should be lower. Seed prices are expected to be stable to lower, according to Ken Barnett, University of Wisconsin-Extension educator emeritus.

“When deciding how much of an input to apply, producers can maximize their investment in that input by considering its marginal rate of return,” said Barnett.

The 2015 Crop Budget Cost of Production Calculator for Wisconsin can help producers in making their cropping decisions in the upcoming year. It allows producers to construct enterprise budgets for corn after corn, corn after soybeans, corn silage after alfalfa, corn silage after corn, soybeans, winter wheat, seeding alfalfa and established alfalfa for hay and haylage.

This Cost of Production Calculator can be downloaded from the Farm Team web site at http://www.uwex.edu/ces/farmteam/. Look in the Enterprise Budgets heading and then go to the Field Crop section. For more information, contact Ken Barnett at 715-355-4561 or ken.barnett@ces.uwex.edu.


Fatty Acid Forum videos archived

Virtus Nutrition’s Fatty Acid Forum is kicking off 2015 with a review of videos posted in 2014. The series has been approved for American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists (ARPAS) member continuing education units. To learn how, visit http://bit.ly/1pmHYYt

Meta Analysis: Benefits & Pitfalls- Dr. Charlie Sniffen and Dr. Ian Lean

How Much Emphasis Should Be Put on Digestibility When Evaluating Fat Sources?- Dr. Tom Jenkins

What are the Kinds and Amounts of Lipids Reaching the Intestines of Cows?- Dr. Tom Jenkins

How are Lipids Digested in Intestines of Dairy Cows?- Dr. Tom Jenkins

How Much Do Digestibilities Vary Among Fat Sources?- Dr. Tom Jenkins

How Are Fatty Acid Digestibility Values Determined?- Dr. Tom Jenkins

What’s it Worth to Cool Your Dry Cows?- Dr. Geoff Dahl, U of FL

Which Fatty Acids are Dietary Requirements and Where Can They Be Found?- Dr. Charlie Staples

How Much of the Essential Fatty Acids Can Escape Biohydrogenation in the Rumen?- Dr. Charlie Staples

How are the Essential Fatty Acids Stored in Bovine Tissue?- Dr. Charlie Staples, U of FL

What are the Key Functions of Essential Fatty Acids in Bovine Tissues?- Dr. Charlie Staples

Cottonseed vs. Bypass Fat: Apples & Oranges?

ARPAS Continuing Education Units Now Approved

The Immune System: A Layman’s Introduction- Dr. Barry Bradford

Cows Under Fire: Responding to the Immune Challenge- Dr. Barry Bradford

 Is There Evidence for Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency & Benefit? Dr. Charlie Staples, University of Florida