The CPM 3.0 Feed Dictionary update is now available for the CPM v.3.0 ration-balancing program. It is available as a feed-bank file at According to Kurt Cotanch, forage lab manager at the W.H. Miner Institute, the update has many new feed entries, including commercial products as well as many updated feed entries.

The files available on the Web site include updated feeds only. Loading the feed-bank files will not replace the built-in CPM-Dairy feed dictionary feeds. Users can preview the contents of each file online before downloading. The responsibility is on users to be aware of new feeds, edited feeds and those that have changed names or are no longer used in the marketplace, notes Cotanch.

An Excel file is also provided on the Web site that lists the new and edited feeds by feed category: forage, energy, protein, min-vit and commercial. This file has a brief description of the edits as well as some of the notable non-edits or simple name changes. For instance, what was formerly known as SeaLac is now named Special Select; the original MetPlus with Talc is now MetPlus, and Energy Booster is now Energy Booster 100 with an updated fatty acid profile.

More information on the update can be found here.