A new set of tools from David Galligan, economist at the University of Pennsylvania, may help to make decisions when it comes to nutrition and ration formulation on your clients' dairies.

These online visual analytics are available in a new format to present analytical problems commonly occurring on dairy farms. These tools can help answer questions, such as: What is the marginal cost of producing one more pound of milk? What is the value of adding a product or feed additive to a dairy ration? What product or feed additive should I add or remove from the ration? What is the risk of the additive failing?

By entering some base-line parameters of the herd, these online visual analytics can help answer those questions.

These dairy dashboard decision-making widgets can be accessed at: http://Dgalligan.com and then Logon: guest, Password: guest

Galligan's decision-making widgets were recently featured in the Economist, a leading international newspaper focused on politics and business news. Read "Ecownomics."